1. More pictures from the photo session for Tokyo Shoegazer’s “Crystalize” that I didn’t know existed until just now.

  2. Seal (of “Kiss From A Rose” fame) covers Porcupine Tree’s “Fadeaway” in this rare unreleased studio recording.

  3. dixiefunk:

    Eric Dolphy - 『Out There』

    Eric Dolphy - 『Out There+Looking Ahead』

    How is it that I’m just now finding out about this guy? He played with Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams at various points. And the tracks I’ve heard sound great. I definitely need to pick up a couple of albums.

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  4. The new Monarch! album is great. They pretty much do one thing but they do that one thing so well and I love all of it. Slow, dark, atmospheric, ambient, and unrelentingly heavy. The sort of album that reminds me of why I fell in love with doom metal and drone music.

  5. New Monarch! CD finally arrived woo!


  6. zaptap:

    tfw nintendo completely ignores mothers 25th anniversary


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    Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Gender


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  10. Everytime I hear “Heart Of Gold” by Neil Young in my head I hear a wah guitar in the mix, going like “wakka wakka waaaaaah” with the harmonica melody and following the slide guitar during the verses. Somebody please record a light funk version of “Heart Of Gold”.


  11. It’ll probably never happen but I’d love to hear a proper sequel to Boris with Michio Kurihara’s “Rainbow” album.

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    Same goes for pets.


    And if you leave an old brick-style Game Boy in a hot car the screen will melt off.

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  13. This has become more of a problem for me lately. I just grab a random shirt out of my drawer but then think for a moment “do I really feel like Candlemass today? Or do I feel like Melt-Banana?”


  14. So today kinda sucks and it’s gonna be a long week but in six days I’ll be face-to-face with a big Japanese wall of BWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO

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    Wata from Boris: “Solo Destruction” gifset


    Best part about this video was Atsuo and Takeshi walking around nonchalantly browsing albums like “oh this is just what she does”

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