1. Projared Nuzlockes are fun and relaxing to watch.

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    oh look my favorite photo set


    what the entire and actual existing fuck?

    The developers didn’t have the context for what an american elementary school looked like so the movie was used as a reference.

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  3. I’m not the sort of person who frequently listens to stand up comedy albums but “Mitch All Together” by Mitch Hedberg is basically the Dark Side of the Moon of stand up comedy albums. Like you can just put you headphones on and play it anytime and it’s just good all the way through.


  4. "Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV."
    — Morty, Rick and Morty S1E8 (via shkelsey)

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  5. At work today I created a mashup of “You don’t Know You’re Beautiful” by One Direction and “Came Back Haunted” by Nine Inch Nails in my head. The chorus goes something like this:

    You light up my world
    I don’t believe it
    You flip your hair
    I had to see it
    Oh oh oh, you don’t know you
    Came back
    Oh oh oh, that’s what makes you


  6. Riding through an automated car wash while listening to stoner doom is fun.


  7. roryblank:

    Last night I saw a picture of John Darnielle of the The Mountain Goats and some other things, in front of a green backdrop. It reminded me of a green screen, so I decided to make a transparent PNG of John Darnielle to stick him into other pictures.image

    Then I decided to go ahead…

    the Transylvanian Hunger thing is great


  8. if I had any kind of photoshop ability I’d redo Death’s “Individual Thought Patterns” in the style of the old Blue Note album covers.

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    Oh, it’s just Garak - plainsimple Garak.

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  12. Watch this with headphones on while paying close attention to his fingers. Feels good.

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    Playstation early developments and prototypes

    6 button layout would’ve been sweet

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  15. Get Lonely is track-for-track probably one of the better tMG albums but it’s not one that you can just put on anytime. Like you really gotta be in a “I wanna feel sorry for myself for an hour” kind of mood otherwise it just doesn’t work.