1. Eh I’ll probably play the wait and see game with New 3DS but a GBA/SNES Virtual Console might force me to get one because I’m stupid. “New 3DS” is a worse and even more confusing name than “2DS” was. Who comes up with this stuff?


  2. me in the delivery room holding my newborn child

    1. mom: please don't give him one of your weeaboo names
    2. me: Joseph
    3. mom: oh thank goodness
    4. me: after my favorite JoJo
    5. mom: goddamn it
  3. I miss my pink DS Lite. Regret not picking one up when they were on clearance.

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  4. Anthony Fantano didn’t like the new Pallbearer album which means I’m probably going to enjoy it a lot.


  5. A fun extended weekend with Jamie, doing pretty much the same stuff we do every weekend except extended. Went to this record store called CD Depot, which had probably the biggest selection of jazz albums I’ve ever seen in one place. I wanted to buy a copy of Eric Dolphy’s “Out There”, however it was way overpriced so I ended up purchasing Charles Mingus’ “Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus” which is a fantastic album that prominently features Eric Dolphy.


  6. freshprinceofbeleriand:

    IM HERE, IM QUEER, AND IM full of existential fear

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  7. That episode was a snoozefest but the last 15 or so minutes and the next episode preview were slightly promising? I just don’t feel as excited about Doctor Who as I used to. I really hope this is smofftat’s last season as showrunner.

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  9. reincremation:

    This song is fucking beautiful.

    Living like us and sharing our day.
    In another world very far away
    A different existence, yet virtually the same.
    Aggression is sadness and laughter is pain
    Look deep into their eyes for what they have to say
    Emotions take control of life everyday.
    Unpredictable variations of behavior,
    Hold the key to the mental door
    Where nothing is everything, and everything is nothing
    Staring beyond the wall a thousand times over

    Seeing a part of them that is real
    Just imagine how it might feel
    To be denied of what life has to give
    Behind mental shadows they must live
    Look deep into their eyes for what they have to say
    Emotions take control of life everyday.

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  10. diglazarusdig:

    what lmao. a white person wrote this

    I didn’t know about “Hella”. I always associated that word with like, 90s surfer movies. And Lightning Bolt clone bands.


  11. "People talk about the moments that they face as if they got a notice from some office two weeks before the moment was going to come saying ‘there’s a moment coming in two weeks, you might want to get your ass ready’. You won’t get any such notice. There is no such office to give this delivery. Instead, you may be sitting on the couch, three beers deep and two white Russians, staring at the television thinking to yourself… this can’t last forever. Hoping, praying that it will - or won’t! - last for the rest of your life. Because whatever comes next? It could be worse. You have evidence in your past that it could, in fact, be worse, but at the same time you know it won’t be that previous worse, it’ll be some new thing. We live in an age that preaches the value of new things, but I am here to tell you there are some new things that are not so good. Some new things suck gigantic asses… all day long!"
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  13. I’ve been feeling depressed all day so I put on Andrew WK’s “The Wolf” album and now I feel a little better. My therapist calls that “externalizing”.

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  15. Why aren’t there more jazz re-recordings of video game soundtracks? I want Jazztlevania